Relax and chic…

Last summer trip to Washington, we had the pleasure to be in one of the most beautiful places I had visited, the Olimpic National Park on the board with Canada, this is absolutely a place to put on your bucket list.

My boyfriend and his Dad are fishing lovers so we get to visit really cool spots to fish, nature everywhere, we had a really good adventure.We visit Seattle and some other places around, we were in the biggest fireworks market I had seen and visited a lavender market.

About the fashion topics, When I was packing all I knew was, I had to be prepared for everything so I did. I had all the basic that a girl needs to be ready for everything, a couple of jeans, dresses, heels etc… all I really used, leggings, sneakers, flip-flops, and T-shirts yeah! and some overalls for fishing. However, I always said no matter what you are wearing or how simple it looks it is about details.


Here I had a super cute basic white Tshirt with pineapple prints so in trend right now (everything with Catus, pineapple, flamingos etc,). and basic black palazzo pants, this are the comfy pants I have, I like to wear my T-shirt inside my pants and use high waist pants to accentuate my waist.

He also wanted to model so why not, here he is with his moves!


So if you wanna go a bit edgy with your basic add some accessories like a cool pair of sunglasses or play with the textures like in this last picture stripes + hearts prints.

Hope you rock your basics, we know they are comfy but they also can be fun




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