The Color Factory

Finally, I made it to Color Factory San Francisco, this pop-up museum is an emerging experience that takes you through different room and colors to have an incredible user experience.


I enjoy every single part of it… so many people had told me that they like I am not afraid of used color when I dress or in every styling project and yes! I love the color I couldn’t live in a black a white picture.

I went with a Friend that i havent see in while and Color factory was the perfect place to catch up.

The Rainbow room

So the first color pop it is the rainbow stair that takes you to the register room was it all about colors + smells + cookies yes cookies a rainbow double yummy cookie made for SIFT.

For this visit I decided to wear black and white, I add a pop of red and silver, I like to mix prints and always when I have a B/W outfit I need to feel I have something that pops up in the outfit so I went for:

Black pants with white diamonds print from OldNavy
Stripe black and white bottom shirt from H&M
Silver shoes from ZARA I got this a while ago on sale for just $5 (not a bad deal ahh)
Red blazer from H&M
Baby blue purse from Shoe Dazzle


The blue balloon room and the silver dance balls room were so cute, pink bathrooms and neon stairs.

Les and I were wearing metallic shoes that matched perfectly with the dance floor room.


I think Les favorite room was the green room were you can color with a giant market on the walls.


However, my absolutely my favorite was the Yellow balls pool me and my friend feel like kids playing there taking pictures and enjoy all the yellow stuff around, we finish our visit with a coffee-vanilla ice cream.


I highly recommend this experience I had an amazing time and was so nice to get to see again my friend Les, she is a very talented Graphic designer, Street Artist, and Gift maker. Follow her at



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