Into Fucshia + Murals

I always love color combinations and I am never afraid to try the color on me, I got a beautiful Fuchsia fur coat online on eBay. I was a bit afraid to get it because I had Fuchsia so many fur coats and they just make me look so boxy, (I feel like a football player), but I just pay $20 on eBay and I was so pleased with the quality of the coat and the fit was just perfect.


I got bright pink because these bright colors look really good with my skin tone, and I just wanted to try something edgy and different. Since we are in this Indian Summer in SFO (don’t take me wrong I am so in love with this weather, please never leave us!) I haven’t had the change to try it on.
However, my friend LES ask me to go and check some of the murals on the Color Factory Map, since she is a mural artist herself I dint though twice she make some gorgeous pictures of me and we have a blast playing model.  The mural was absolutely amazing and it contrasts just perfect with my outfit.


I wore a black and white stripe dress with the open back that I had for years already and I just love it because it has such a beautiful fit, I wanna to go for a comfy sporty but feminine look so I add my Adidas sneakers and cute black vintage purse I found at the Goodwill. The combination of black+white+fuchsia has been always a color palette that I just love so I add my new fur coat and voila! the perfect look for the perfect mural with the perfect company.
I highly recommend to all of those that went to a color factory to take time to check the murals around the city, I am still looking for having some more time to take a look at some more others.


Photography by Elsma Ramirez
Check my friend LES art at or


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